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Pomegranate seed oil has numberous health benefits including healing, protecting, and moisterizing dry, cracked, mature and irritated skin. The oil from pomegranate seeds provide powerful anti-oxidant benefits, fight free radicals that are known to damage and age skin. Pomegranate oil has also been proven to be a potent source of punicic acid and Omega 5 conjugated fatty acid. It also contains beneficial phytoestrogen, as well as rare plant-based CLA.

                                                                     Available spring 2016


The delicious taste of are Farm Direct honey with the added touch of pomegranate flavor and healthy antioxidents. It's the perfect addition to toast, fruit smoothies, or any of your baking or cooking activities. Honey is a smart choice for sweetening any food. The health benefits of using honey in place of table sugar are many: honey contains vitamins and minerals, whereas table suger does not; honey, unlike table sugar, is considered a predigested sugar, which is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream for a quick energy boost; honey is cholesterol free!

Enjoy all of the flavor and health benefits of locally grown pomegranate products, in a form everyone can enjoy as an easy snack. Our pomegranate jelly is delicious on toast, dinner rolls, bagels, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and much more! The unique pomegranate flavor is mouthwatering, flavorful, and simply delightful! It is a great gift for the food-connaisseur in your life.

We proudly sell pomegranate seed meal, after it has gone through the pomegranate oil extraction process. The seed meal can be used for high-grade animal feed and is available in bags or box conatainers, for individual use or in bulk quantities

Pomegrante syrup made with our fresh pomegrante juice. 

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