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Who We Are

  Our family has a rich German history and has been farming for three generations spanning over 100 years. Alex's great grandparents were immigrants to the U.S. from Germany. Over those years of farming various crops have been farmed and our family is the first with pomegranates.

  Pomegranates are one of the oldest cultivated crops recorded in history. Dating back to 3000 BC. Originally grown in a Mediterranean climate in modern Iran. In 1896 the Wonderful variety pomegranate was discovered to be growing in the rich fertile soil of the San Joaquin Valley of California which is another Mediterranean type environment and thousands of miles from the pomegranate origin.

  Pomegranates are planted from cuttings originating from 10 year old trees. They grow well in just about any type of soil with no use of chemicals. The trees and are carefully nurtured until the year of growth called the 3rd leaf. At this time the first crop is picked by hand. The trees are dormant in the winter months of December through February and parts of March when all of the leaves are missing. March to April the tree begins to leaf out and fruit begins to develop. The flower is a beautiful red color. As the fruit enlarges on the tree the fruit will turn from green to ruby red. The ruby red sacs of juice begin sugaring around each of the 840 seeds in every fruit. The fruit is carefully picked by placing the fruit in the palm of the hand and snapping it from the branch. The fruit is then pressed slowly through our one of a kind patented press. The end product is the rich freshly pressed pomegranate juice.


Alex&Jackie Lehman

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